Saturday, February 21, 2009

....more Earl

Today the Jon and girls (baby too) visited Earl which made him happy. He is off all pain meds now. He has a cough. Which is good for his lungs but a little annoying to him. Tomorrow his roommate goes home and he is hoping to move to the window spot....where he was suppose to go. He did 3 laps around the ward and was going to ask to do more tonight with the night nurse, Hileo....Madonna is the assistant nurse tonight. Everyone is so great at that hospital. They all appreciated the goodies Susan gave us to hand out from her Solvang Bakery. Thanks Susan! They started his feeding tube today and gave him 2 units of blood to build him back up. He is doing really well. The only bummer is they are saying he will have to do more chemo. He was not to happy to hear that. But I am sure they wouldn't do it if they didn't think it was needed.

I caught up on my sleep last night and I am just so happy to see how well Earl is doing. It is nice to have Jon and LE here. Jill has been off so I don't have to worry about Madison. Colleen took me out to lunch (well not out...the hospital cafeteria) yesterday so I got to catch up with her and the outside world's going-ons. So I am fine. Thanks everyone for your kind words and concern.


Sue said...

So happy to hear he's doing so well! Everyone in the bug club sends their love and support. Hope to see him out cruisin' with us very soon!
Love and miss you both!


Bertv said...

Hi Syd and Earl, how are you? Scott found your website and showed it to me. I was surprise to hear what Earl has been thru. Just to let you know, I have been thru chemo and surgery and what you lhave to do is have a postive attitude to get thru everything. I am glad to hear about Art clinic in santa barbara and I was wondering if the two of you would be around in may. Allison and I were planning to visit my mom for mothers day. It would be great to see your store and visit with you. Allison is going to college and wants to get a history degree and work in a museum. But if you two around maybe we will see you. Again Earl stay positive and you will get better. I guarantee it.

love bert the better half of Scott Baker

Syd said...

Hey Bert!~ Love to see you ! It would be great to catch up. I will give Earl your message. Thanks
....Allison in college!!!!