Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's been a great May.....

Lots of family activities going on...mostly involving Madison.   I am finding it harder than I thought it would to get the Art Nest Studio pulled together.  Worse part I can't get to my art supplies.  But I have got a few things started for the Art Hus and for the July 4th show in Santa Barbara.

We really had a good time at Disneyland.  Really the easiest and nicest visit yet.

We got a sneak peek at the open house at Ballard school.  Thank you Mrs. Carlson.  You are the best...the best on so many levels.

Madison had her dance performance too.   The Hawaiian Roller Coaster was their number...so cute

I signed up for a Diane Culhane online class and plan to take Mary Ann Moss's sketching online class...that along with beach trips with Madison, will fill up my summer.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

We are doing it again...come join us!!

The Colors of Oaxaca

Journal Workshop Adventure

October 16th – 23rd 2014

Las Tres Amigas, mixed media artists Syd McCutcheon, Mary Stanley, and tour host Colleen Darling are heading back to the magical city of Oaxaca for another fun-filled workshop and cultural adventure.  The city of Oaxaca, a Unesco World Heritage site, has so much to offer with its warm friendly people, delicious food, world-renowned artists, colonial architecture, and pre-Colombian ruins.

The workshop will focus on creating a loose-leaf journal reflecting our time in beautiful Oaxaca.  We will be collaging, altering photos, sketching, making stamps and learning new techniques to add to our journal creations.  We will be visiting the Centro de Las Artes de San Agustin, a restored textile mill which is now home to a hand-made paper studio.  In addition, we will visit Studio Xaquixe, a workshop that recycles glass from the local community, and transforms it into aesthetic and utilitarian works of art.   Our time in the colonial city center will include trips to the vibrant local markets, diverse museums, and endless opportunities for shopping and ice cream.    

For more information or to reserve your spot please contact Colleen Darling at colleen950@gmail.com    

Friday, May 02, 2014

There went April....

But it was a great month....

The Art Hus went smoothly...even though I am paddling like hell under the surface.   We have 25 great artists that work hard to bring their best work to the shop.

My baby turned 40!  How did that happen?  Jill has grown into a beautiful woman inside and out...we had a ride on
the Landshark and went to the sea center to celebrate.

We had a small Easter but a wonderful one...mostly thanks to my sidekick, Madison....

Molly threw a beautiful wedding shower for her soon to be sister in law at her amazing home.  It was all so beautiful and delish!!

I got to celebrate Susan's birthday with the girls.  So fun to take time to look around Santa Barbara.  Had a wonderful lunch at the beautiful San Ysidro Ranch.  Perfect day...

Then I ended up the month at a beach house with Pam, Mary and Charlotte.  We had a blast!

On the way home Mary and I stopped at Superbuzzy Fabrics in Ventura...omg!!

 If you are in the area of Coffee Cats in Santa Barbara, stop in and see my paintings.....