Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Did I tell you I went to Vermont?

It was a really fun trip. 

Went to the Surtex show and saw a few sites in NYC...Purl, ABC Carpet, Gudrun and had great pizza at Champions in SoHo. Rode in taxis and subways and saw famous building.  Grand Central was fascinating!  Then back to Tarrytown and on to Arlington, Vermont to the Meleen and Charlotte Vermont Getaway ...with a trip to the Wing and Prayer Farm so everyone can cuddle a lamb.
Pam was my travel buddy and Charlotte was our hostess.

Vermont was beautiful and everyone was so friendly and interesting.  It was great to see new places and so relaxing to have Meleen prepare such awesome meals.  She is such a good cook and hostess.  Fun to peek into life in the East.  Charlotte is in the arms of her girls and great friends with history all around her.  I loved every minute....