Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What? It's April?

I am so behind.  But there have been so many great things going on.

The Santa Ynez Valley has been so amazingly beautiful this year.  The wildflowers are back and things are green.  It puts everyone in a good mood.

 Of course I got a year older in Jan.

 Then in Feb.  some of the old group got together for stitching...It has been way to long...

Then of course there was the Madison birthday month full  of celebrating that even went in to this month . The amazing Jone Hallmark made this mermaid, rainbow cake topper that is so awesome.  Madison was blown away! 
Then there was the party with all her classmates when Rey and Kylo Ren from Star Wars showed up and taught all the kids to use a light saber...so awesome.

Then we had a beach party with this birthday mermaid....

....with a quick trip to Disneyland while Jill took a weekend long course for her work.
tis is Jedi Training.  Madison fought Darth Vader on the stage...no fear!

But I have to say I think the topper was all the news on the L.E. front...She and Par are engaged and moving to Portland!!  Love those guys!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

I miss Oaxaca...

I laid in bed for awhile waiting for the breakfast bell....as Ellen would say....  "waaaaaaaaa!...."

We had such a good trip!  Good peeps,  good food, good shopping,  good tour and
sites and an amazing workshop!!

I am going to show you what I mean....

Here's mom and dad waving good bye..

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Hello 2016

December went out jam packed with fun stuff....ending with a great visit from LE.  We did some art and eating and saw Star Wars...again.

I had a show at Art from Scrap.  Always a fun event...

Madison and I made some fun holiday projects

We had a great Art Hus holiday party at Heather and Scott's

Maison opened a restaurant and a hotel at our house on her break...

And now I am getting ready to go to Oaxaca with a quick stop in Puebla.  We will be doing a workshop in our favorite spot, Casa Colonial...can't wait.  I will post when we get back.

Friday, December 11, 2015

As 2015 races to the finish....

...I am amazed, again, how fast the year has gone...and how incredible it has been.  I just want to fill you in a bit  on my Nov.   It was full of events.  I had some great food, fun time with friends, beach time, sold some art but on the down side Madison broke a bone in her elbow.  Not a bad break and she was super brave and barely complained...I told her she was a real trouper...she said a storm-trouper?

These sky pics were on the same day on our walk at Arroyo Burro Beach with Mary Stanley, Mary Ann Moss and her sister Dottie.  One of my favorite  beaches...First a polka dot sky, then a golden and pink and then it just lit on fire...Really awesome!!

I like to visit my mom's grave on or near Thanksgiving.  She loved the fall and cooking for us all on Thanksgiving.  I have not cooked more than maybe a dozen turkey dinners in my life because we always were with either my or Earl's family.  And now Joe like to cook the whole meal..really good!  
Mom is buried by her life long friend Louise, who I am named after...middle name.  They had "best pals" put of there because they used to eat a candy bar that was called that.
The flowers are from Molly Robertson at Ballard Farms.  Jill loved them as we all did.  Madison did the awesome turkey painting to complete the Thanksgiving decor at Jill's.

The fall clouds and long shadows are only one up-ed by the sunsets this time of year.  I am always want to take a picture.  I took this one of Refugio Beach as I was driving...I don't recommend that by the way....

I have been getting ready for a visit from LE end of Dec.  We are all so excited...I even bought a new mattress...It is comfy.

So now I am  into Dec. and I will post soon....