Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Penny's Play House

Colleen and I went to Penny's to make collage cottages.

On the way we saw snow on the mountain. That is rare for here. It was a beautiful drive.

Here is my "puppy", Wendy in her nest. She sleeps 90 % of the day.

This is the gorgeous pillow Colleen made me for my birthday. I love it.....and I love this fantastic painting by Susan....she "whipped up..."

...and in case you missed this on Mary's is my incredible bird Mary made....I love it ...and I can change her hat for various occasions.

Last Fri. the Amgen tour came through my area for their time trials. These are the Ballard School kids who walk down the street to cheer them on.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I keep forgetting ...

to post this link for Heart Stream Studio. Mary and I both have hearts in the show. It is fun to look at all the great entries.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

so funny...

I got this funny from Penny...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the Aquarians

Mary and I put on our annual party. This year it was at the ART CLINIC. It was a great day spent with buddies Barbara, Patti, Penny, Colleen, Susan, Cindy and Maren. We had good food, goodie bags, gifts and lots of laughing. All my favorites. I have some pic from today but I will have to take more tomorrow.

This is Penny with a broken ankle making a slip and slide out of the stairs. She is quite the trooper. She even said I could put this photo on my blog.
Here is a goodie bag.

Here is Mary and I behind a tower of gifts.
The dessert plate. Mary made all but the chocolate dipped fortune cookie.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

Well it was a great one for me. Studio buddy, Carol and I had our ART CLINIC grand opening and we had lots of well wisher drop by. It was so nice to get such a great response and support from locals and friends. Now it is time to get busy and get some art cranked out.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Another great valentine

I just got this clever card from journaling buddy Beth. I love it! Thank you Beth.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone gets to spend time with a loved one. Jill is driving to see Donn in Mt. Shasta. LE and Jon are sharing a plate of tatter tots with catsup squirted out in the shape of a heart. A tradition from their dating era....As for Earl and I...... he has a chance of being on jury duty and I have a day trip to Santa Barbara planned. Probably an evening of just putting our feet up in front of the tube sounds good.

This is the great valentine I got from my WA buddy Tara.....I love her work! She is always going in a new direction while keeping her unique style. Thank you Tara!

Carol and I are geting excited about our Chinese New Years Grand Opening this Sun. I will post pic.

Botke show in Ventura

I grew up in Santa Paula, CA and I remember seeing Mrs. Botke's work in homes of my mother's friends. It was magical to see. I think because of the gold leaf background and the bigger than life birds and flowers. Now I see how strong her compostions are.

Her husband, Cornelius was also a famous artist. He worked in oil and also was an amazing printmaker. I was in school with her granchildren. Kitty and I would be in the same art competitions many times. It is a great show I recommend it. . It leaves March 2.

Monday, February 05, 2007

lastest painting

This was one of a few pieces I did for a wee canvas show that ended up canceled. It is 6" x 6"..... NOT my usual size. But somehow it is just as hard to paint.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Morro Bay

Jill and I took a quick trip North today. We meant to get to the elephant seals but didn't quite get there. But we did get to the Cotton Ball in Morro Bay which is having a super bowl weekend sale so get up there tomorrow is you can...25% off everything not already on sale....even sewing machines. We got to Birds of a Feather in Cambria and took the time to go thru all the little drawers of fun. We got pastry in Arroyo Grande on the way up and topped it all off with dinner at sunset at the Hofbrau in Morro Bay. I am so stuffed even though I got the mini sandwich. Fun day and a beautiful drive with a touch of green all around from the recent rain.

Talked to Carol from Morro Bay and she had a great class today with the metal clay. Hope to see anyone in the area at art day Thurs. We are making plans for a challenge at the end of the month. Go to for more info on all the upcoming events and classes.

here is another funny

I got this off a fun blog .....

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Here is my latest self portrait

....These are the windows.

....and this is what is in the windows.

here is a funny

I am loading this funny up here also to honor of a unexpected meeting up with childhood friend, Melinda. We spent many days filled with adventures. She had gopher snakes that we one time raced. We also caught butterflies and mounted them for a collection. I even have a Doxie because of the fond memories of her's...Timothy.....Oh I could go on and on. But it was so nice to see her on her trip thru Solvang.

go here to see something so beautiful...