Friday, December 27, 2013

Good Bye 2013...

Not my most favorite year....But I have been having a great visit with my girls.....

 We had a journaling and spray painting day yesterday.  It has been unbelievable weather.  You just want to be outside all the time.

I will post more later.  I am busy moving out of the Art Clinic and hanging out with my girls right now....but here is a little peek at what I have been dreaming about...

Jill cut me this awesome rubber stamp!!!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

This is pretty sad for me...

For those who have not heard...

Carol Kemp and Syd McCutcheon are closing the Art Clinic end of December after 7 years.

We are really sad but events in our lives are keeping us too busy to run the Art Clinic and as the saying goes,

"As one door closes, another opens".

We have had so many amazing experiences in this space.

  So glad we have some photos to help us remember all the good times.

After 7 years we have collect quite a lot of art making stuff which we cannot take with us.

We are having a basement sale Saturday Dec. 14 & 15 10-3pm

Art, beads, furniture, books, ephemera,frames, art materials

Come help us say good bye to the Art Clinic,

for a potluck holiday party on Friday Dec. 13, 6pm

Syd says:  What will I  miss the most?  I will miss the community of artists with all the show and tell and lots of laughing.

It has been a Thursday meeting place for nearly 7 years. And I will miss the large space.

To have a spot to spread out that is six  6 foot tables has been great...and I can fill up those tables all by myself...

Carol says: What an incredible journey.

It has been fantastic to have had the honor of hosting

so many people in workshops in our space,
all the wonderful people we have met, all the friendships forged.

 I have to reiterate what Syd said about filling up tables-

what a luxury to be able to spread out and work free.

Love and blessings to you all.

We will keep our e-mail list and if we have any workshops

or info we think you might like to know we will post to you. 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Great McNutt Day

My family try to gather once a year for an early Thanksgiving at the beach near Faria in Ventura.  This year was again fantastic.   So good to see family from Iowa and locals too.  Lots of eating and laughing.  Madison went thru all three outfits Mom packed.  That ocean is just too tempting...We had the most amazing sunset I think I have ever seen.  It was so clear you could see the vegetation on Santa Cruz Island...well just look!

So many hours of my life spent in this ocean.  The best days of my life have been here.

Here is some of the crazy McNutts that were there too.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nov already? Wow!

Coming back from France I have had alot to catch up on.  I got all my medical stuff done,  had a show at Art from Scrap with Colleen and Mary and put together Queen of Arts at the Elverhoj.  But in the middle of all that Carol and I have decided to clase the Art Clinic.  We are having a art garage sale on Dec. 14...more on that later.....So we are a little off our game at the moment.  But I will post a few pics

These are some pic from our show...

It was a really fun night!

.....more later
from the last months.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

....well that went by to fast....

We are back and had a great time.  We had a bit too much rain but it never stopped us from any plans.

Not sure what I liked the best.  Les Soeurs Anglaises did not waiver in awesome-ness from last year and Jessie Chorley could not have been sweeter.  It was a great class...and then there are the amazing artists that were in the class...everyone was exceptional and we were all on the same page the whole time.  I wanted to know them all much better.  I especially miss my table mates: Sue, Cheryl, Courtney and Jone....all awesome women and artists!

Then there is Paris...Tried to see new areas but visited a few faves from last year.  My visit to the Louvre was a real highlight.  To see the interior of those massive rooms was a thrill on it's own...

Here are a few pics.  I will post more las
ter.  Still catching up on stuff on the home front...

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Whole Enchilada Dos

Save the date....  Feb. 5  to Feb. 11....more info to come .....

Friday, August 23, 2013

Vive La France

We are getting sooo excited.  It is a different kind of excitement from last year....We know more what to expect.




   We are returning to the beautiful Verteillac in the Dorogne part of France to the welcoming arms of les soeurs anglaises.

This is the most restful beautiful place you can imagine.

We are taking a workshop from Jessie Chorley.

 After this we will travel by fast train to Paris and enjoy what Paris offers while staying in our own little rented apartment in arrangement 6-ish.  Can hardly wait to see and taste it all again....instead of just watching International House Hunters to get little fixes....

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dye day

Colleen, Mary and I had a great dye day.....

We "mastered" the indigo vat.....

Did a cochineal dye bath too.....

...and why are we doing this?  Well we are in the final stages of planning our return to Oaxaca trip in early Feb.2014...stay tuned for more details....

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Run or Dye not me...Jill.  It was really fun to watch.  What a crazy idea ...looks like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Summer is winding down

...and Mary Ann Moss's killer online class SEWN is over....Here is  my latest project...I still have more to do...I am savoring them...

Monday, August 05, 2013

A little bit of art...

I had 2 days off to do some art...I guess I could have done housework...but I didn't.  I worked on my SEWN online class is so much fun...I got some great mail art from Joy Deaton....

really awesome!!

I also crammed in a trip to SB to see the Brooklyn Library Sketchbook Project traveling library.  I did not get to see my book but I did see lots of other cool journals.  Really fun.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July is almost over....

We had lots of laughs at Spamalot...I don't think they missed making fun of any group.... We had a great beach day at Refugio that day.  When LE is here time flies.....

Milkshakes at Chomp with the girls....
 These are my Non-judgemental Listeners...they just listen...Everyone needs one....available at the Art Hus in Solvang.
I also moved into Sweet Repeat  in Lompoc with Colleen  and Carol ....I already had a sale...Not a good photo....

OK here is a teaser...Mary is working on samples for Oaxaca in Feb. 2014.

This is Madison looking at her mom's mural for the first time....also in Lompoc....