Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nov already? Wow!

Coming back from France I have had alot to catch up on.  I got all my medical stuff done,  had a show at Art from Scrap with Colleen and Mary and put together Queen of Arts at the Elverhoj.  But in the middle of all that Carol and I have decided to clase the Art Clinic.  We are having a art garage sale on Dec. 14...more on that later.....So we are a little off our game at the moment.  But I will post a few pics

These are some pic from our show...

It was a really fun night!

.....more later
from the last months.

1 comment: said...

Sorry to hear you are closing the Art Clinic.....never got to see it. Bet there is a nice pink door somewhere that you need to open next, Syd.......