Wednesday, September 18, 2013

....well that went by to fast....

We are back and had a great time.  We had a bit too much rain but it never stopped us from any plans.

Not sure what I liked the best.  Les Soeurs Anglaises did not waiver in awesome-ness from last year and Jessie Chorley could not have been sweeter.  It was a great class...and then there are the amazing artists that were in the class...everyone was exceptional and we were all on the same page the whole time.  I wanted to know them all much better.  I especially miss my table mates: Sue, Cheryl, Courtney and Jone....all awesome women and artists!

Then there is Paris...Tried to see new areas but visited a few faves from last year.  My visit to the Louvre was a real highlight.  To see the interior of those massive rooms was a thrill on it's own...

Here are a few pics.  I will post more las
ter.  Still catching up on stuff on the home front...


Jone Hallmark said...

So happy to see your photos and know that you ladies made it home all in four pieces!

...and it DID go by fast...sigh.....

Miss you - ALL of you - and can't wait to see you again.
Hope your re-entry was a bit easier than mine....though I have come around finally, and life is GOOD.

Happy Days ahead....lots of LOVE to you, Syd!
Say hi to the girls!

susanbuchanan said...

your trip sounds great. so glad you guys learned and loved Paris.

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh, I feel your spirit I a creative world for the taking.
I held onto a feature of you in Mingle...stapled the pages together after tearing you out of the magazine only because I wanted to file you in My file of favorite inspiration.

Now that I have taken a much closer look I have found that you too blog!
I am an interior designer who finds great pleasure in loosing myself in a world much like yours.
I create Guignol puppets and there theatres, French théâtre of opéra, dance and stages to create holiday productions

I was so taken with your spirit and with this being said I applaud you for paying it forward adding the joy of art to all.

Visit my site and on my side bar is my etsy shop where my last 3 theatres appear for sale.
I am now working on a new line :)

I am your new follower!