Saturday, November 26, 2011

Queen of Arts Revisited

These are just a few of the artists. It was an amazing day...great weather, great artists. great people and much sharing. We raised a very nice sum for our charity and got to catch up with friends and make new acquaintances....a very successful day. Thanks to all the artists that worked so hard and to our patrons who make it all worth it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Early Thanksgiving

We had a great day at the beach with family ....The most kids we have had together in a long time....7. They were so cute...and there are 2 more on the way.

My nephew, Jeff, was there from good to see him. The guys fished for shark. They caught 4 leopard sharks and released them after the kids got to touch them.

Madison has her own Thanksgiving menu....

Monday, November 14, 2011

my latest ....

Madison's latest...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Queen of Arts Revisited

Did anyone miss the Queen of Arts last weekend? You have another chance!! Queen of Arts Revisited is a one day show at my house with over 40 artists. I have a tiny house so there will be lots of artists outside so I am a little nervous about the weather ...but other than that it is going to be an amazing event. I am really excited!! The date is Sat. Nov. 26. ....check out the flyer for the skinny...I started Queen of Arts at my house, I think, 12 years ago and it grew so big that I was glad to move the show to the Elverhoj Museum. But now I kinda miss having my hand in it more....and I want it to go back to being a benefit for Domestic Violence Solutions, as it was before. So come by and shop and see all the great art, also bring by donations for the women and children in the shelter. They always need cleaning supplies, TP, towels, children's toys, personal items like shampoo etc, and of course a $ donation or gift certificate. Make checks out to Domestic Violence Solutions. When we give to these women it is not only filling their needs it is showing them that someone cares about them.