Tuesday, August 18, 2009

La Brea fire

I caught this pic just as the noon wind was picking up and blowing all the ashes our way. This fire has dumped more ash on us than any fire has in the past. It is 75% contained....now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here is what I am doing Saturday

"Art Round Up at the Grange"
Annual Art Show by the Artists Guild of the Santa Ynez Valley

Held in conjunction with "Quick Draw" in Los Olivos
Saturday, August 15, 10 am

The Santa Ynez Valley Grange will be ablaze with color on August 15, when members of the Artists Guild hold their festive annual fine art exhibit. The theme is the Infinite Variety of Art. Guild artists express their artistic visions in a variety of intriguing ways. You'll enjoy seeing the exhibit and talking to the artists. Refreshments will be served.

The Grange is located at 2374 Alamo Pintado Avenue, right next to the Park in downtown Los Olivos where "Quick Draw" takes place. Sponsored by the Los Olivos Gallery Organization, this is an all-day visual arts experience. There will be gallery open houses, special art exhibits, art demonstrations, and a silent art auction. Highlight of the day is the actual Quick Draw, where professional artists race against the clock in the park to create a finished painting in 45 minutes. These art works are then sold to the highest bidder in a live auction.

When you're in Los Olivos for Quick Draw, take in the Guild's special exhibit,
"Art Round Up at the Grange." Saturday, August 15.

I am not in the quick draw. I am exhibiting in the grange during the event. Come by if you are in the area. I have some new work I will bring. The quick draw is fun to watch.....

Thursday, August 06, 2009

LE went home

Madison's first sentence.."bye bye auntie LE" with a wind up for a kiss to throw ....with a wave finish. It just melts your heart.

We all wish LE could have stayed longer. It was so fun to have her here...and she hardly had to do any work. She got to just hang out. We went to the beach, had lots of Mexican food, visited with friends..my friends anyway...and hopefully she caught up on her sleep.
Anyway today we had a get together at Susan H's magazine-worthy house ....so good to see everybody again....then LE to the airport (sniff) then on to Santa Barbara for the First Thursday Art Walk. I maned the wine bar at Santa Barbara Arts most the night. I met some fellow artists and there was a weaver set up in the gallery from Teotetlan de Valle, Oaxaca weaving a rug with natural dyes. Really beautiful work! Georgeanne Alex had done the window using some of my pieces and it looked fantastic!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Great weekend...

The biggest thing is LE is in the house! She is getting her Maddie fix... LE came Saturday while I was doing a show at the La Arcada in Santa Barbara. Sunday was a very nice gathering of friends for Fred Carr's memorial in Santa Barbara. Then Earl, Jill, LE, Madison and I went to sushi in Solvang tonight and played a fun game of Pictionary on the deck.It feels so good to have the girls here....sigh...