Friday, December 11, 2015

As 2015 races to the finish....

...I am amazed, again, how fast the year has gone...and how incredible it has been.  I just want to fill you in a bit  on my Nov.   It was full of events.  I had some great food, fun time with friends, beach time, sold some art but on the down side Madison broke a bone in her elbow.  Not a bad break and she was super brave and barely complained...I told her she was a real trouper...she said a storm-trouper?

These sky pics were on the same day on our walk at Arroyo Burro Beach with Mary Stanley, Mary Ann Moss and her sister Dottie.  One of my favorite  beaches...First a polka dot sky, then a golden and pink and then it just lit on fire...Really awesome!!

I like to visit my mom's grave on or near Thanksgiving.  She loved the fall and cooking for us all on Thanksgiving.  I have not cooked more than maybe a dozen turkey dinners in my life because we always were with either my or Earl's family.  And now Joe like to cook the whole meal..really good!  
Mom is buried by her life long friend Louise, who I am named after...middle name.  They had "best pals" put of there because they used to eat a candy bar that was called that.
The flowers are from Molly Robertson at Ballard Farms.  Jill loved them as we all did.  Madison did the awesome turkey painting to complete the Thanksgiving decor at Jill's.

The fall clouds and long shadows are only one up-ed by the sunsets this time of year.  I am always want to take a picture.  I took this one of Refugio Beach as I was driving...I don't recommend that by the way....

I have been getting ready for a visit from LE end of Dec.  We are all so excited...I even bought a new mattress...It is comfy.

So now I am  into Dec. and I will post soon....

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Antigua, Guatemala

What an amazing place!!  As many of you may know I love Oaxaca, Mexico and go often but I have to say there are many things here in Guatemala that do not compare.  It is easy to get to know this Antigua because it is set out in square blocks that radiate out from the Parque Central.  Once I figured out the buildings facing the park in connection with East, West, North and South then I could travel with confidence and I could make it back to our Casa Blanca....but that is not to say we did not get lost...Mary and I make it a point to always do the at least once...

Our little  (not really little) casa was perfect.  It had everything we needed and was close to great shops and food.  Mary Ann met the owner and got more info on the place from the maid and gardner.  We had fun thinking what it would have been like to have really lived there.

Besides all our shopping and eating in town, we took a day trip to San Antonio Aguas Calientes and the area that was the first Spanish Capital, from Nicaragua through Chiapas, Mexico.  The town was wiped out when the Agua Volcano's cone filled with water and broke to destroy it.  The capital moved to Antigua where earthquakes destroyed everything several times.  The third and final spot was Guatemala City.  It is now 5 million people and very modern. The natural disasters and devastating war has seemed to make the people strong and proud of their country.  They are very united to bring tourism back to this beautiful part of the world.  I felt very safe and comfortable at all times.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Did I mention I was going to Guatemala?

Well I am....I still can't believe it!!  My travel buddy Mary and I are going in less than a month to Antigua to stay with the uber cool Mary Ann Moss!!  I am excited to see the country I almost went to a few times but it never worked out and I thought that was off my list...then a post from MA changed is happening!  I think I got rid of my Guatemalan Rainbow book that I had almost worn out looking at ....all the photos of the beautiful people and their textiles.  When we go to Oaxaca every year I always visit the "green door" ...that is what we call it....I have bought a few  Guatemalan treasures there and always wish I could afford more.  The hupil has become my uniform it seems...

Anyway I just wanted to warn you that I will be posting my case you want to see ...or not.  

Sunday, August 09, 2015

OK It is time to sign up for Oaxaca

Wow I am so bad at blogging lately!  I guess the Art Hus is taking all my spare time.  But Mary Colleen and I are still pulling it together to make another art adventure in Oaxaca,  We already have several sign ups.  I am excited to go with old friends and meet some new ones.  Oaxaca always casts it spell over us all and makes the event a life changing experience.

Here are detail:

The Colors of Oaxaca

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls - Workshop Adventure

January 16th  – 23rd 2016

Las Tres Amigas, mixed media artists Syd McCutcheon, Mary Stanley, and tour host Colleen Darling are heading back to the magical city of Oaxaca for another fun-filled workshop and cultural adventure.  The city of Oaxaca, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has so much to offer with its warm friendly people, delicious food, world-renowned artists, colonial architecture, and pre-Colombian ruins.

By ”popular demand” we are going to make dolls, many of you have asked so here it is. The workshop will take its inspiration from the riot of colors that abound in every aspect of life in Oaxaca.  The weaving, embroidery, and folk art inspires our doll designs.  We will use ethnic fabrics to design and dress our dolls.  The dolls can be embellished with beads, ribbon, embroidery and needle felting. and much more .

We will visit the Zapotec town of Teotitlan del Valle, home to over 5000 weavers and visit the oldest market in the Americas, Tlacolula.  On Wednesday we will travel to Etla, home to Quesillo cheese and take a cooking class at renowned cooking school “Seasons of My Heart”. Our time in the colonial city center will include trips to the local markets, diverse museums, and endless opportunities for shopping and ice cream and so much more.

For more information or to reserve your spot please contact Colleen Darling at