Monday, October 30, 2006

Here is a quick peak at what I have been up to...

This is the journal I made in Traci Bautista's class at Violet's. Wish I had time to make more.

This is a house I am working on for Queen of Arts Show. I learned the technique from Pam.

This is our deflated Santa that we are using for Halloween...I know crazy...You should see the looks on the passer-bys....His mouth moves and he sings 3 Xmas carrols.

Christmas lights and pumpkins...or Nightmare....Xmas Halloween.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Busy busy

Had another fast week fly by....I visited my brother in Santa Paula. We went and saw "Man of the Year" Real good, I thought. We drove to Ojai and I peaked in of the fiber studio Mary has been attending cool classes at. Earl and I saw the "Departed" of squirming in my seat. Went to the Olive Gardens in Oxnard to meet up with 2 of my brothers for Steve's birthday lunch. I got a lemon pie at the lemon festival in Goleta....Delicious! Today Jill and I went to Violet's in Ventura for Traci Bautista's Retro Rags class. Excellent class! Met a woman from Santa Paula ( where I grew up) that is going to ArtFest...Jenny. I will take photos of my book tomorrow.....maybe.

Here is our latest toy....

I love this pic I got off Flickr....

Friday, October 13, 2006

latest self portraits

One journal had a theme that was our journey through life. I made it a game board.

The other journal was fabric and was to use some kind of "thread" to connect us all. Mine says " we are all made from the same thread".

And now a peak at my latest idea for the Queen of Arts Show.

.....If you buy a set of eyes and a mouth I will throw in a nose....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lo and behold....

(what ever that means) I sold my painting at the Los Olivos Gallery guild room..."Road to Lompoc"! Now I definitely have to quit school. That was one of my assignments!

I have finally started making some stuff for the Queen of Arts Show. Earl cut out some stuff and screwed some stuff together for me so now I am ready to paint...tomorrow. I will post some photos when I have something finished. At this point, when I have a few things figured out that I like, I am excited and a little relieved.

Anyone out there with Xmas yard decor that lives near me...let me know.

Jill and I went to see Sara Norquay's wonderful mono print show at the Architectural Foundation yesterday and the opposite end of the spectrum...saw the animation "Open Season" at the movies. Then to Borders and home. Fun night.

I will leave you with this photo I got off the internet...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

not much interesting going on

I entered some art shows lately. Got one painting in one of them. It will be at the Elverhoj Museum Gallery after the Queen of Arts Show that is there. I sold one painting at Dinosaur Caves half price. This was my last show there so I marked all the painting half price. It rained...always helpful at an outdoor event...I was lucky to have a friend there with an extra easy-up.

I am sooo busy. I am an inspector again for the election on top of everything else. I have been getting alittle sewing in and I have a list as long as my arm to get done this weekend.....I won't bore you with any more of this stuff.

Let me tell you about our Halloween plans...the background on Halloween at our house is that we have a different theme each year. One year we were Area 51 with smoke machine, alien autopsy and space ship. That was also the year Michael Jackson brought Jacko to our house. One year we turned the front yard into Survivor Island and one year we were all lesser known super heroes...I was super (fat) chicken, Jon was hotdog man and so on. One year we were all Dorothy and we turned the yard into Oz. We bar B Q hot dogs and sausage for the parents of the tricker treaters in the front yard and sit along the walk to get a good look at all the tricker treaters....Anyway this year we are going to celebrate Christmas early with Xmas lights and lawn ornaments and maybe a Santa's chair with us all dressed like Santa....with Xmas Carols playing and candy canes etc. Should be fun.

OK so if you want to see some great art check out Carol's site She is doing a portrait a day! I am so amazed at what she does.