Friday, December 23, 2005

and here is the old married folks

Jill and Donn enjoyed Seattle and the celebration.

and more

Here they are the next day with their Kranse Cake.

more wedding picture...because I love to look at them

This is the water ceremony that LE and Jon thought up and was very beautiful.

More wedding picture...because I love to look at them

I was such a fun and sentimental ceremony in LE and Jon's new house. This is my favorite photo.

Day of the Dead

This was a great time to be in Mexico and this time I experienced the holiday by being in the cemetery in Pto. V. and by building an ofrenda in Pozo. My pictures at the cemetery are not that good but the experience was wonderful. Some families sang to their departed loved ones, brought flowers and candles and sat by the graves for a little visit. I felt lucky to be able to be there. At the ofrenda we built in Pozo, we all brought reminders of our own departed.

Hacienda Mosaico

This was so different from Pozo. We embellished a board book and made a copper pendant with Opie and Linda O'Brien here in Pto Viarta, Mexico. ...Had to go in the pool everyday at lunch to cool down. Such a beautiful and relaxing spot to create art.

This is the Pozo workshop

Found objects assemblage workshop in Mineral de Pozo, Mexico with Michael de Meng, Oct. 05.

Now to make plans for next year

Well I am not a big resolution person but I do get a sense of having a clean slate... kinda thing...The coming year I am going to focus on art by starting out "forcing" myself to get some work done. Then I am going to try and stay home more and not take off so much...except for Art and Soul and Artfest of course. .....And use up the supplies I have. I have this weird thing that I need to go get more that will magically get the job done. I do get inspired while looking at what is new out there etc. But I have enough supplies to start my own art store I think. I am teaching and co-teaching this coming year and I have a big job lined up in Jan. But I am debating if I should take any classes. I get more done that way but I have to travel so much and lose precious time. I am still not decided.
I will share some Mexico picture with you now

The fastest year ever

This has been a really fun packed year. Earl's birthday cruise, LE on Jon's wedding, lots of car shows for Earl and art workshops for me. The only bad thing was I got really sick, a respiratory thing that I am still having some problems with. Nov. was the Queen of arts benefit art show at our house for 29 artists. We raised $1,100. for Domestic Violence Solutions. Then this month, a wedding reception here for my family to meet Jon. Colleen cooked a spectacular meal for all with great appetizer too. Susan made the most beautiful and delicious cake. Everyone said that I could not have better friends and I definitely agree!