Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Saying good bye to 2016

...and I have to say it was not my favorite year.  I am still feeling ashamed and scared to know what the people around me really value...anyway I am going into 2017 with unless obligations on me which will free me up for more art.  I am planning lots of new directions to try and I am excited to just have more time for the studio.  I am posting some mixed media pieces mostly from 2016.   Expect to see more soon....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Did I tell you I went to Vermont?

It was a really fun trip. 

Went to the Surtex show and saw a few sites in NYC...Purl, ABC Carpet, Gudrun and had great pizza at Champions in SoHo. Rode in taxis and subways and saw famous building.  Grand Central was fascinating!  Then back to Tarrytown and on to Arlington, Vermont to the Meleen and Charlotte Vermont Getaway ...with a trip to the Wing and Prayer Farm so everyone can cuddle a lamb.
Pam was my travel buddy and Charlotte was our hostess.

Vermont was beautiful and everyone was so friendly and interesting.  It was great to see new places and so relaxing to have Meleen prepare such awesome meals.  She is such a good cook and hostess.  Fun to peek into life in the East.  Charlotte is in the arms of her girls and great friends with history all around her.  I loved every minute....

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Colors of Chipas

We are doing it again...but this time we are going to have our workshop in San Cristobal Chiapas.  Here are the details:

Colors of Chiapas              February 10th – 17th 2017

Join Las Tres Amigas: Syd McCutcheon, Mary Stanley and Colleen Darling for a textile workshop in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, designated by the Mexican government as a Pueblo Magico. We are celebrating our 5th year of workshops in Mexico so lots of exciting adventures await us.

The rich textile traditions of the Maya are unique to this part of Mexico.  Mayan beliefs combined with parts of Catholicism are different in each village.  We will explore San Juan Chamula on market day, along with neighboring Zinacantan, a village known for its flower growing and colorful floral designs on the native textiles. The markets, bursting with fruits and vegetables, are where we will experience firsthand the vibrancy of colors and clothing that makes this region a visual delight. San Cristobal is home to the beautiful new textile museum Centro Textiles Mundo Maya with exquisite examples of textiles from the whole Mayan world.  In the same restored convent complex is Sna Jolobil, a cooperative of artists with the finest textiles available in the area. We will explore the large craft market next to the Santo Domingo church, a large maze of fabulous arts and crafts.

Syd McCutcheon and Mary Stanley will lead the workshop working with wool and cotton fabrics to create whimsical floral and animal designs using applique and embroidery techniques with our inspiration coming from Mayan and Otomi examples.  These can be made into wall hangings, purses, jewelry, pin cushions, pillows and more…

We will spend 7 nights and 8 days exploring the lush highlands of Chiapas, a state rich in Mayan culture and history.   Workshop time will be combined with day trips to nearby villages and artist’s studios.  The city is completely walking friendly with several pedestrian walking streets and lots of shops and galleries to visit.  The local indigenous continue to wear the native dress of their village and they are all different so you are able to tell where people are from.

The food is delicious, with regional specialties including tamales and fresh cheese.  The local alcoholic beverage is Pox, a white lightening drink consumed both in ceremonies and everyday life.  It is becoming a popular boutique beverage too just as Mezcal has made its way to the US.  There are many European ex-pats in San Cristobal and they have brought with them their culinary expertise.  Many choices of cuisines are available in the restaurants, including two French bakeries, and an abundance of organic coffee is grown in Chiapas too.

To get more info contact Colleen Darling at

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What? It's April?

I am so behind.  But there have been so many great things going on.

The Santa Ynez Valley has been so amazingly beautiful this year.  The wildflowers are back and things are green.  It puts everyone in a good mood.

 Of course I got a year older in Jan.

 Then in Feb.  some of the old group got together for stitching...It has been way to long...

Then of course there was the Madison birthday month full  of celebrating that even went in to this month . The amazing Jone Hallmark made this mermaid, rainbow cake topper that is so awesome.  Madison was blown away! 
Then there was the party with all her classmates when Rey and Kylo Ren from Star Wars showed up and taught all the kids to use a light awesome.

Then we had a beach party with this birthday mermaid....

....with a quick trip to Disneyland while Jill took a weekend long course for her work.
tis is Jedi Training.  Madison fought Darth Vader on the fear!

But I have to say I think the topper was all the news on the L.E. front...She and Par are engaged and moving to Portland!!  Love those guys!!