Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WE made it...

Got back Monday from our Art FiberFest trip. Here is how it went: First there was panic that it wouldn't all fit ....I had to leave out my extra sewing machine, one of the back seats and a fold up dolly....Then we are off. First stop is Pleasanton for a wonderful lunch and quick look at a couple shops. We had mochas in Dunsmuir at the Brown Trout and dinner in Red Bluff and then we were too tired to go any further than Redding...the next town. We got to Ashland about noon and did our usual damage at Prize, Websters, the fabric store and the bakery. Love that town. The trees were all bright oranges and yellows. Then we got to Joley's in Portland about 10. She had our cozy beds all ready. Her new home is so perfect for her and she was the best hostess. We had a hard time dragging ourselves away we stayed another night. She knows the place pretty good for someone who just moved there. We explored Mississippi St area. My faves were Cool Cotton, Flutter and Porch Light. We spent a fair amount of time at Cargo. Had some mochas and tea at Plates across the street. Then for dinner we went to the Kennedy School. What a cool place with rooms to rent, art in the halls, a theater and a couple cool bars. This was a real treat. So from there we zoomed up to WA with a quick stop at Teesha and Tracy's cool home/studio. Teesha gave us a tour and I could have stayed there for days just taking it all in. So from there we headed to LE's. We checked out Maxine's and then met Tara Ross at Snappy Dragon. After our great dinner we went to see Tara's cool home/studio. Really fun to see her work and her collection of great art in her fun house. Again hard to drag ourselves away.....But we have not even started our trek to our main reason for coming yet. So the next AM we load enough stuff in LE's car so we can get Barbara at the airport into the car rather than lashing her to the roof. We all fit and off we go to catch the ferry. It was a beautiful day and we did a little shopping and collected some sea glass on the beach ln Port Townsend before we headed to the fort. OH yes the food at the fort has improved...We were excited to meet up with old friends and do our fun swaps after dinner.
I had fantastic students Thurs. (Thank you Wanda, Dawn, Barbara, Sarah, Gail and Debbie) and Sat. ( Thank you Janice, Karen and Teesha) LE and I had fun taking a great class with Janice Speck making felt jewelry on Fri. Then Mary and I said our good byes and flew down the road. No dilly dalling...We did really good and made it to Weed, CA the first night. Found a great diner with blackberry pie and blackberry cake. Mon. we stopped in Woodman at Paco's Tacos for great Mexican food. and we were home about 8:30. Check out Mary's blog and my Flickr site for more photos etc.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

...more Birdman...

This is some of the new ones and an abstract house with bird.

And of course Madison. The shirt says" My grandparents don't spoil me they are just very accommodating"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

new Jesse Reno video...

I am so crazy for his art! I love the way he works and thinks about his work. Jesse

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Breaking news!

Have you heard about the new candidate? Check it out here

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I made a new batch

Here are my latest scissor maidens.

Here are my current sock dolls....

Here a small painting I just finished

...and of course a current Madison photo...She is so grown up now that she eat cereal in a hi chair....

Friday, October 03, 2008

....spoiler alert

If you are in the Art FiberFest softie swap and want to be surprised....don't look....These are my entries. They have a pocket for a Moo card in the back.
I am looking forward to this swap and to FiberFest! It is fast approaching and I still have lots to do. Both my classes, scissor maidens and art folio bag and journal, still have room. Teesha has made a special deal for locals. They can just come and take the classes with out staying at the fort etc. Sounds like a good deal to me. I think the classes are $125. each if anyone is interested....