Saturday, October 24, 2015

Antigua, Guatemala

What an amazing place!!  As many of you may know I love Oaxaca, Mexico and go often but I have to say there are many things here in Guatemala that do not compare.  It is easy to get to know this Antigua because it is set out in square blocks that radiate out from the Parque Central.  Once I figured out the buildings facing the park in connection with East, West, North and South then I could travel with confidence and I could make it back to our Casa Blanca....but that is not to say we did not get lost...Mary and I make it a point to always do the at least once...

Our little  (not really little) casa was perfect.  It had everything we needed and was close to great shops and food.  Mary Ann met the owner and got more info on the place from the maid and gardner.  We had fun thinking what it would have been like to have really lived there.

Besides all our shopping and eating in town, we took a day trip to San Antonio Aguas Calientes and the area that was the first Spanish Capital, from Nicaragua through Chiapas, Mexico.  The town was wiped out when the Agua Volcano's cone filled with water and broke to destroy it.  The capital moved to Antigua where earthquakes destroyed everything several times.  The third and final spot was Guatemala City.  It is now 5 million people and very modern. The natural disasters and devastating war has seemed to make the people strong and proud of their country.  They are very united to bring tourism back to this beautiful part of the world.  I felt very safe and comfortable at all times.