Thursday, June 29, 2006

I am still unpacking

Here is Teesha cool pillow I got at vendor night at fiberfest. It is right at home.

...and of course Nimrod had to get into the act.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More on the Washington trip

I forgot to mention the show at the Museum of History and Industry. The 1/3 scale mannequins outfitted in the magnificent fashions of Balenciaga,Worth, Paquin, Ricci, Lanvin. Really amazing...the shoes alone!

We also stopped at Coburg OR on the way up.Went to an antique mall and Mary got me this adorable bird rattle.

This is the Tim Burton "Stareing Girl" I got in Ashland...

Art FiberFest Issaquah, WA

This was so much fun. Mary and I started off Mon. with a car packed to the brim.

We had the best Mexican food at Paco's in Woodland, above Sacramento, and still got to Ashland before dark...which by the way for all our fellow Californians, is about 10 PM.

We stayed next to our favorite eating spot the Morninglory so we could hit it in the AM....which we did.... then did a little damage at the fiber store.

We stopped at Ella Posie in Portland on the way...cute cute cute...and still got to LE's house in Seattle in time to go to Snappy Dragon.

The other way cool place in Seattle is Maxine's. It is a stone's throw from the Snappy Dragon.

Wed. we took the "scenic route" to Issaquah where all the fun really began. I love ArtFest but I would hate to have to pick between them. AFF has a different energy and is very special. I felt like I knew everyone there....side note...I just found out I am teaching there next year and I am so happy!...

I don't have too many pics of the great things I saw at AFF I was too busy doing...Everyone I met was great and it was so good to see some back home pals.....I hope Pam dosen't mind that I signed her up to give the talk next year....just kidding. We had so much fun with Pam. Her class was so fun I want to make more houses of laughter and whimsy. Thanks Pam.
I could not get over all the work Jana Newton put into our class. I am going to try really hard to finish my House of Dreams. DJ Pettitt's class was amazing. We were in there like sardines but it all worked. That tar gel is great stuff. Her work has always been very exciting to me. I am glad I finally got to take a class from her. I wish I could have had more time.
On the way back we found The Prize in Ashland, The Brown Trout in Dunsmuir and Tale of the Yak in Berkeley. Treasures galore! I know I am missing some of our stops up and back but it was a really good trip and retreat. My art "tank" is full again. Thank you Teesha and Tracy. I still can't believe there is not a statue of the two of you in Renton!

Captain Nimrod

Here is my new private avenger...Captain Nimrod...he likes to be called Todd the "rod"...but I won't go there. He is here with his creator Darlene...She is as fun as she looks...He got frisky with a statue and helped out where he could all over Trinity College.

Monday, June 12, 2006

While visiting LE

We went to two cool places. The Giant Robot store and the Back Space. Both were very cool. The GR has a great restuarant. Can hardly wait to go there again. The GR gallery was having a Yellow Fang show I enjoyed. I had seen the work in magazines.... good to see in person.

So I am busy getting ready for Art FiberFest. I am so excited to be going. Mary and I are road-tripping-it. We have plans to hit Ella Posie in Portland, Morning Glory restaurant in Ashland and Snappy Dreagon in Seattle..oh yea and a great truck stop in Santa Nalla.....just for starters.

I took Pam's advise and ordered the mini sewing machine from Home Depot. It is one the way The pink one at Sears was tempting. Does anyone have one?

OK now I have a website

And LE did a kick ass job! Thank you so much Baby Doll!
Now ...."look what I can do" ( this is to be said like Stuart says in on Mad TV) .... I will attemt to do some programing like LE taught me.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Web Site

My daughter finally finished my web site. I never would have believed it. She is starting a new job with an architecture firm on Wilshire and promised she would get it done before her start date. Please send her e-mail if you see something broken on it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here are my Posies

Here are my posies and posies kits I am taking to Art FiberFest.