Monday, June 12, 2006

While visiting LE

We went to two cool places. The Giant Robot store and the Back Space. Both were very cool. The GR has a great restuarant. Can hardly wait to go there again. The GR gallery was having a Yellow Fang show I enjoyed. I had seen the work in magazines.... good to see in person.

So I am busy getting ready for Art FiberFest. I am so excited to be going. Mary and I are road-tripping-it. We have plans to hit Ella Posie in Portland, Morning Glory restaurant in Ashland and Snappy Dreagon in Seattle..oh yea and a great truck stop in Santa Nalla.....just for starters.

I took Pam's advise and ordered the mini sewing machine from Home Depot. It is one the way The pink one at Sears was tempting. Does anyone have one?


tararossstudios said...

Yes, that's the machine I'm going to get soon.

Love your toys. There are a couple of shops here in Seattle that I know of that sell these.


teesha said...

I know you're getting ready to head to seattle but...what camera do you have. those are awesome close-ups of the toys!!!