Saturday, December 26, 2009

That went by fast...

We all had such a fun time watching Madison open her presents. She wanted to just play with the first gift...her tea set. But finally got the idea. She was so sweet. She sat in her new chair Earl made...I have to paint it...

Wish LE and Jon could have been here....but we will see them in Jan. LE got me a new washer and Earl got me a dryer. Anyone need a gas dryer and a washer? They still work. New ones coming next weekend.
The good fairy Susan brought us goodies from the world renown Solvang sweet of her.
Nice to have the weekend yet to get things done. Hope everyone is enjoying their family and friends.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Like little kids.....

...we just ran away...Colleen and I had a fun day. We headed for Cambria to our fave: Birds of a Feather. She had the most stuff I have ever seen there. We could have looked an other hour and not seen it all.

We stopped in at our old fave: Hearts Ease, then Taco Temple for a great lunch in Morro Bay along with a quick stop at The Cotton Ball and then on to San Luis Obispo to Jeff Claassen Gallery.

Teesha and Tracy had told us about him last May and we had been wanting to go ever since. Sweet guy and he gave us lots of tips and good info. He sells some great spray paint. It is from Spain and has amazing colors. I got a silk screen kit too.

We hit Hands Gallery real quick and we were off to Grover Beach to Georgia Moon. Basically it is a junk store for an assemblage artist. I got a bird cage and a suitcase. I think you need to come check it all the time to see what is new.
We popped in Ron's Garden to see his Christmas displays.

Our 40% off coupons were burning a hole in our pockets so we stopped by Michael's, grab a Pollo Loco tamale and were back home before they knew we were gone....

I feel like I charge up the batteries and got the creative juices flowing again. So Sunday I was hot to do some spraying....I am now looking around for more stuff to spray.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A fun day

Madison had her first Santa encounter ...and to my surprise it went really well. She sat in his lap even. He got a baby doll from Santa that now accompanies Tigie. She also got a little folio wrapped chocolate with Santa on it. She gave it to her new doll.

Later in the day I taught a sock creature class at the Solvang Library.

I had some great little artists. It is so fun to see what they come up with. One girl was trying to figure out how to do a nose ring....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday time

Instead of a Charlie Brown tree .....this is a recession tree.....a limb off the neighbor's tree.....but I like it.

Here is Madison in her rocking chair. She love to get in it all by herself.
Had a little get together with high school buddies.

We could have laughed and talked for days. Khristine came out from IL to visit her family and took time to visit. So good to see her. Marion, Sally and sister, Susan, Melinda, Linda and good to see you all. Thanks Linda for making it happen.
We had a fun day at the ART CLINIC last Thurs A brown bag/ornament exchange/Food bank collection/UFO (unfinished object) get together...

fun day...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Carol and I had some fun the ART CLINIC today. From an example we saw of Sukie B. we started our personalized calendar...Really fun. We also had a visit from Marti Fast's watercolor class. Fun to share ideas with everyone.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Madison's first snowman

We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo for snow leopard day. They brought in snow. Maddie was not to sure about it. She liked to go point out the wayward snowballs on the grass. She did build a "snowman" Jill and I watched her put one piece of snow on top of another...I call that a snowman.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


We spent it in Cortez, CO with Earl's family.

The drive is long but we had a good book on tape and great scenery. There was snow in Williams which made it feel Christmasy.
I got to hold a new baby (this is John, Earl's brother-in-law holding Lua),
work on a baby quilt,
have 3 pieces of pie (this is only half the pies Cherie made),
have a great meal and catch up with family.
We got home about 7 Sunday so I got a quick visit with Jill and Maddie.

The bad news Tumnis, LE's cat that has been visiting with us for many years, was in bad shape and Monday had to be put to sleep. This is Madison talking to Tumnis on Halloween. We will miss you Tummi....

Earl could not get to AZ for his business trip because of snow so he came home and put up the Xmas lights...those who know me know that is my favorite part of Christmas. Thank you Earl! So the season has officially started....

I am back in the swing...

Just took Maddie to day care..we call it "school"....It was tough because she has a new love..."Tigie"...He had to stay in the car. This pink striped stuffed tiger can't come to school so it was very tearful. She puts him down for his nap, feeds him, kisses him while she is eating and pretty much has him in a headlock the rest of the time.

I will post more tonight...but I am burning daylight.....