Monday, December 27, 2010

Our trip to Seattle

The 2 day trip up was not as bad as I thought it would be. I got sewing done and loaded apps and learned alot about my phone...Here is my view.....
We stopped in Ashland. I got to the Morning Glory..of course...and Websters...Ella B is gone. Got to LE and Jon's about 10:30. I stayed up with LE til about 4:30. She was finishing a proposal. Next day Jill and Madison came on the plane. Maddie did really well. She was only upset when they took her shoes and backpack. She felt right at home at LE's. She loved all the big puddles to splash in.
Tues. we went to Teesha's annex and had a fantastic day with her and her art buddies. They had a gift exchange thing going on and Marty, one of Teesha's art friends, taught me how to make a mini woven purse. She gave me a kit with all the supplies. I have actually finished it. I will take a picture soon. Teesha made a delish lunch! ...with tomatillo salsa she learned to make in was a real treat. Madison was really good. She noticed there was a toy store across the street and she and Jill made a visit and she got a dolphin for the bath tub. Anyway...that was a really great you can imagine. It is a magical spot!

So of course we went to Maxine's! Everywhere you look is a vision of loveliness....
On the way back we took the long way....The OR coast is really beautiful....We had clam chowder and clam strips across the street from the wild sea.
Farther down we found a spot we could walk on the beach. The stuff that washes up is so different from our beaches. I found an abalone shell, almost whole.
So back to normal tomorrow I guess...My calendar is already full for Jan. but it was so good to spend some time with LE, Jon, Jill and Maddie in Seattle.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Madison helped me do some decorating

This my new toad stool guy from Mary getting cozy with my hedgehogs from LE...
This is my new owl from Sukie, made from black walnuts from the O'hara's in Ohio.

That was fun. Madison is going to have such a great Xmas! Everything is magical to her.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fun day at the Art Clinic

Maybe we will name it Winter Solstice Tamale Art day.....Tamales, beautiful and delicious cookies, luscious apple salad and candy...
What more could you want...We did a little art and lots of talking and sharing. Really a fun day.
Thanks so much for coming everyone. So nice to get to catch up.

I did not get out a nativity this year so I made one with the stuff that is laying around.....Enjoy the holiday everyone!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nice weekend

Saturday I did a little shopping in Santa Maria. My list of places to go was too long but I got to most of it. Sunday Colleen and I ran away from home...actually she was working and I tagged along.....She was doing gingerbread delivery for the Solvang Bakery. We made the exchange in King City and took off on a lark to find the small town of Lockwood. We went west off 101 even though there was no sign to confirm we were going the right way....after quite a drive we started seeing a few ranches. passed one car and then there it was ....Lockwood! We went to a diner connected to a small market and had a really good burger and real fries. We made a stop at San Miguel Mission.
This one is one of my favorites. You feel like you know what it would have been like to have been there when the Spaniards were there. There was a band from Oaxaca setting up for an Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration...wish we could have heard them. Hit a couple stores in Paso Robles and got home right after dark. Great weekend.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winter is here

The show on the Mesa in Santa Barbara got cold and we had some rain drops. But I met some great people and hung with my art buddies. I checked out the all night show at the Persidio Hotel. It was pretty festive and had good energy. Carol and I had decided not to do it this year but we may next year.

I finally finished something from my online class with the amazing Danita.....Very fun. I thought I would make about 20 of these Santas...but I am pretty sure we will be spending the holidays alone....I am so glad I took the class. I learned so much! The girl is Danita's design.

Tara Ross and I are doing a co-lab journal. Here are some of her recent cool!