Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winter is here

The show on the Mesa in Santa Barbara got cold and we had some rain drops. But I met some great people and hung with my art buddies. I checked out the all night show at the Persidio Hotel. It was pretty festive and had good energy. Carol and I had decided not to do it this year but we may next year.

I finally finished something from my online class with the amazing Danita.....Very fun. I thought I would make about 20 of these Santas...but I am pretty sure we will be spending the holidays alone....I am so glad I took the class. I learned so much! The girl is Danita's design.

Tara Ross and I are doing a co-lab journal. Here are some of her recent cool!


Tara Ross Studios said...

I love your Santa,,,, I wish I could do that, was it easy?

What other on line classes did you like?


pam said...

wish i would have taken the class too. and nu uh...charlotte and i are coming up, it's official, so you can make me a santa :) i love him!

art spirit said...

love your stitched pieces!
co-lab is looking good too!

sukey said...

what happened to the trip to SEA? i got a free motion foot for my machine.yeah!

charlotte said...

love that santa too!!! can't wait to see you and play with art stuff!
merry christmas, syd!