Friday, March 23, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

Now some ATC action

These are the latest ATC from the get together from last Wed.
These are my latest ATCs ...that are going to ArtFest.
...and these....are the ones I received from the heart garland swap. I have photographed them many times and they never turn out.... so I decided to do them individually....

Busy, busy, busy

Colleen and I leave for ArtFest next Sunday....and I have so much yet to do! I am in the middle of several project at the same time....why do I work this way??? I will post some work that is almost done and some than is probably won't be able to tell which is which....

fun stuff in the mail

The Haute Handbag issue came today. I am the second from last in the 139...but it looked pretty good. Mary's is in there too. Soooo exciting!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

ATC day

We had an ATC exchange at the ART CLINIC yesterday. Susan BB with daughter, Jena, came by and brought Mary and I our alter ego. So fun!

Colleen made this dish of cookies. Frosted sugar favorite!

We had 13 artists 2 were under 9 years old. It was a good gathering. I will post my ATCs later.... I left them at the ART CLINIC.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

such a lovely picture

These are my in-laws Earl and Virginia. I love this picture. I think they were 18 years old. They grew up in Santa Paula as did my husband and I. Anyway I just wanted to share this cool picture.


These are the ATC I made for the swap over at fiber ATCs Yahoo group. Tracie Lyn will make these into houses by adding a triangle roof and swap these with other artists. Should be really fun to see the results.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun stuff in the mail

looky looky...I got some way cool fabric swatches from my W.O.E. clubmate Tracie Lyn along with this adorable card that she made. I am trying to figure out what is worthy the mean time I will just have them were I can admire them. Thank you Tracie again..... from W.O.E Lucky member of the month

Sunday, March 11, 2007

chick humor

I think the one in the back digs you....

chicks photo by Liz Robinson

this and that

Well we are putting the final plans together for the beach house get together. Right after ArtFest in WA I am bombing down the highway to meet up with high school friends at a beach house on the Ventura Rincon. Just have to throw in that bikini I used to wear.....(wake up Syd!) This is going to be fun. Why do I always have trip backed up to or overlapping other trips....???? Oct. will be like this too. Oaxaca right after Art FiberFest...
Now I will put on my promoting hat...that's self promoting. The Haute Handbags 2 is coming out soon.
Mary and I are in it. And we are both being held over at the Art Stream Studio. I am not sure you can say held over by popular demand ....but maybe...

Now for a weird sidebar. I went to an estate sale today and Earl found a book on Antartica and thought maybe our son-in-law, Jon might like it since he has visited there. In it was a golf talley (is that what you call it?) from a local golf course and one of the names on it was my dad, Bert McNutt. It was in his hand and dated by him. He would have liked that we found that. It would have been a story he would have told everyone he saw for a couple weeks, if he was still around...."score card" ....not "talley".

Saw Penny today and she gave me this little funny. The name "Earl" has had such a bad wrap lately...But I really like these little Earl funnies. Some of you know I am a member of W.O.E...."Women of Earl" ...We are a membership of 3: Tracie Lyn, Marilyn and I. It does not mean we all belong to one Earl.....the plural on Earl is still Earl deer....FYI. I should get my mother-in-law to join. She could have special status because not only does she have a son and husband named Earl, she also has a daughter named Earleen....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Santa Fe

I just got back from Santa Fe, Sunday. So pretty there...but cold. It never got above the 30's. Colleen and I helped Susan and Paul put on a dinner for 17 people at an old Spanish Colonial home of the Paloheimo's that is now a kind of museum.
We stayed in one of the rooms that have all kinds of New Mexican antiques. The day after we headed out to see some sites. Our flight was canceled so we got more time than we expected so we saw a few galleries, Pachamama,
Poem, which is next to an amazing candy store. Everything is a work of art in there. We had lunch at Pasqual's and visited an amazing collage exhibit by Arthur Amiotte out at the Wheelwright Museum.