Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lo and behold....

(what ever that means) I sold my painting at the Los Olivos Gallery guild room..."Road to Lompoc"! Now I definitely have to quit school. That was one of my assignments!

I have finally started making some stuff for the Queen of Arts Show. Earl cut out some stuff and screwed some stuff together for me so now I am ready to paint...tomorrow. I will post some photos when I have something finished. At this point, when I have a few things figured out that I like, I am excited and a little relieved.

Anyone out there with Xmas yard decor that lives near me...let me know.

Jill and I went to see Sara Norquay's wonderful mono print show at the Architectural Foundation yesterday and the opposite end of the spectrum...saw the animation "Open Season" at the movies. Then to Borders and home. Fun night.

I will leave you with this photo I got off the internet...

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susan said...

congrats on the painting sale. not surprised. that one was very nice indeed.