Saturday, September 19, 2015

Did I mention I was going to Guatemala?

Well I am....I still can't believe it!!  My travel buddy Mary and I are going in less than a month to Antigua to stay with the uber cool Mary Ann Moss!!  I am excited to see the country I almost went to a few times but it never worked out and I thought that was off my list...then a post from MA changed is happening!  I think I got rid of my Guatemalan Rainbow book that I had almost worn out looking at ....all the photos of the beautiful people and their textiles.  When we go to Oaxaca every year I always visit the "green door" ...that is what we call it....I have bought a few  Guatemalan treasures there and always wish I could afford more.  The hupil has become my uniform it seems...

Anyway I just wanted to warn you that I will be posting my case you want to see ...or not.  

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maryannmoss said...

i can't wait syd vicious!!! leaving tonight. see you and mary soon xoxo