Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another good day....

Earl had another tube removed....he kinda misses this one. Now he has to pee in a jug.....He got his window spot now. We played cards and pretended we were on the balcony of a cruise ship at the dock at Puerto Rico. He can see the ocean from his bed. No roommate yet so it was pretty quiet. The family came by and we got a hand of cribbage in. Earl found a race to watch so I went home early to watch the Oscars. Terry had so magazines and goodies for him and Newbug buddy Jerry sent him a coool shirt....something to do and something to look forward to....very thoughtful.

Tomorrow we are taking LE's car to the dealership. I drove it home last night on high beams because she had no low beams!!! Everybody loved me on the pass.... Then we will head for SB with Madison. Auntie LE is her new best friend. We plan to give her a bath so LE can witness the Shamu experience... we will be in the splash zone. It is so nice to have her and Jon here.

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