Thursday, February 26, 2009

...the big day

....went really well! By the time I got there he was unleashed and unleaking. He wasn't even in his bed or dragging around his Christmas tree. He was freeeee...He had already been up to the "Lido deck" to work on his tan. The removal of the tube went well and he had eaten his first "food" aka clear liquids....but they were like prime rib to him. In the afternoon we had a dietitian tell us the rules but they are very fact everyone should do some of these....."eat slowly"....etc. Jim Knight stopped by for a visit and everyone admired the fragrant flowers from Dr Arnette ( Jill's boss) and crew and from ATK. They had said he would be coming home tomorrow but the doctor who did the lower surgery wanted him to stay another day and eat thicker food while under their care. So it looks like it will be Saturday. I have Madison tomorrow and LE and Jon are heading home so I might not make it down. But I will be there with bells on Sat.

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