Friday, July 28, 2006

Another day at the beach..poor me

I work til I can't stand it anymore then head for the beach. I went to a beach in Santa Barbara. I call it Henry's Beach. It is actually named something else. Arroyo Burro I think. Anyway Captain Nimrod wanted to come and he was actually quit helpful. He cleaned up a little trash but then had to get out of the sun. Evidently sock super heros worry about toxic sock....This is a fun beach because dogs are allowed and in some areas they can be off their leashes....It is so fun to see the parade of happy dogs.

So again Jill met me there when she got off from work. We have decided we need to go back with boogie boards. Then we went to the Art from Scrap assemblage silent auction and reception. It was really fun. I wish I had worn better clothes not just something thrown over my bathing suit! I had 3 bids on my piece when I looked at it. The way it works is you have to make something from a selected theme. This year it was tile. So you must have a tile in the work that you picked out from
there. I had a hard time with the tile theme because it is so heavy....I was also in a hurry because I was on my way to anyway I am so delighted that it was bid on. There were some really great pieces in the show.

From left to right: Mine"Poolside",
the winner by Mary Price,
third place Marcelino's piece
then just one I really liked. Sorry I didn't catch the artist.

still hot


tararossstudios said...

I worry about toxic sock myself, some days!! :0

Zemlet said...

Here is how to adhere tile to things: 3M's Super 77 Adhesive Spray I used it to hang tile and metal and glass and paper on some foam core for work and it worked great. I have even used it with much success on plastic. You can get it at Home Depot. Cover your work surface really well as it is a spray and use outside if you are sensitive to chemicals. Do NOT buy the "environmental" version as it simply does not work. We tried that and a hot glue gun and it failed with tile, metals and laminates; Super 77 worked perfect on everything, even a 3x3x0.5 inch chunk of concrete! This product is so amazing there is a fan club. Use it a few times and you will want to join.

Anonymous said...

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