Monday, July 24, 2006

Record heat

Celebrated Earl's birthday with dinner at Los Olivos Cafe on Thur. a day at my favorite beach, Refugio on Fri. and a Dodger game on Sat.

This was a perfect day at the beach. We enjoyed it so much. Jill came by after work and brought us In N Out.

This is Earl using his new birthday present. He is an excellent illustrator. Super amazing since he rarely does it. Usually just on a vacation.

I hope when I read this blog again I am much cooler. The thing I hate the most about it is I can't get anything done. We set up some lights and tubs of water for our feet outside last night so we could do a little art. I have been in my wet bathing suit all day (not a pretty picture). It helps some. OK enough....

Here are some pictures of our day in LA. First we were at the Getty at the So Cal art crawl. We got there late and never found the group. But we enjoyed the paintings and sites.
Later we went to Jon and LE's in Playa Vista. Earl and Jill took a dunk in the pool. It was much cooler there. We headed for the Dodger game from there. Dodger dog and frozen lemonade got me through that. Got home a little after midnight.

...People hurrying to the game + extra hot temps = insane drivers.....We saw some amazing crazy stuff!

OK now some of my sketches from Refugio and from the Getty.


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

WOW... WHAT A FUN Birthday celebration! even if it WAS HOT!

And FUNNY.. My Earl is having a birthday on the 27th. Marylin's Earl had a BDAY on the 11th. July must BE a very "EARL" month.

W.O.E. VP or Secretary or SOMETHIN'
our club motto: United we stand as W.O.E!

art spirit said...

Happy Belated Birthday to EARL! Looks like you have a fun celebration... Mary

tararossstudios said...

What a great time,, I assume Earl is your hubby, yes?

I love your scetches so free and expressive.

What kind of illos does Earl create.

Billie Harsch said...

Loved this page!

Billie H

Anonymous said...

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