Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The class of '66

We all celebrated our 60th birthday with a group Bar B Q birthday party at our hometown, Santa Paula, Steckle Park. A place we all spent lots of time at at various times in our lives.....good times....(spoken with a SNL voice).

Paula, Linda, me

Marsha, me, Melinda, Sally and Nancy

Billie, Linda, Paula and I planned an all girl's weekend to go along with the Bar BQ. Paula couldn't do the sleep over at the last minute but made it to the park. Even though we talked all weekend we could have talked more.

It was so fun to see everyone. There were 175 people at the event. We had good weather and food. I keep thinking about everyone and wondering what they are doing now etc. We will have to catch up all over again next time...

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