Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another beautiful day in Shell Beach

Not a lot of people but still a great day.

Here are my latest sock dolls. I sold one before I got a picture.

...and of course a little peak at Madison sleeping in her new bed with the cute bunny quilt Mary found for her...soooo sweet!


susanbuchanan2 said...

that Madison is great art!

art spirit said...

Love your new dollies, great slideshow...and always love photos of Maddy!!!

Shelly said...

Hi! How do I get my mitts on one of those sock dolls?! Must have for my baby girl!

lchance at aol dot com / shellypaints dot blogspot dot com

Shelly said...

I'll definitely check flickr and let you know which sock doll. Yay! Harper will love it (once she knows the difference between a doll and everything else she drools on) Thanks so much! - Shelly

Shelly said...

It was too hard to decide, so... I'd like Chipper AND Pesky! Let me know how to pay you and get you a shipping address. YAY for SUPER COOL sock dolls! - Shelly
lchance at aol dot com

P.S. Very tempted by Sass You Back too, BUT I have to show SOME kind of restraint as an example to my daughter, right? HA! :)

Shelly said...

Pesky and Chipper arrived today! They are even cuter in person. Harper sends big smiles! Thank you so much!