Monday, November 12, 2007

Was I kiddin' ?

We had to leave the stuff for the art assylum, blow up bed and a bag of fabric behind! We still managed to get some shopping items in on the way.....and we got used to our knees being under our chins about Portland..hehehehe

Lots a cool places on the way to see. I think Castles in the Air in Berkley was the biggest surprise. It had stuff I had never seen. Everything was magical to look at.

We just scratched the surface in Portland. But still saw some fun stuff. deMeng clued me in where to get a voo-do donut next trip. Mary's blog has a good overveiw of out trip. She took notes.

I am always amazed when I get to Port Townsend. I feel like I have traveled to the ends of the Earth and yet here you find amazing art, food and abundant and exciting supplies of all kinds. Edge to Edge and Summer House are my favs. But that is from a lists of many cool runner ups. The noodle place across the street from Edge to Edge and Elevated Ice Cream were my favs for food this time. I had Marionberry and ginger ice cream that was amazing!

We had many late night gab and giggle sessions with OC girl, Pam.

I had an amazing Scissor Maiden class. I was so inspired by what my students made. I had a ball. Can hardly wait until next year. Thank you Teesha and Tracy for making it all happen.


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

It was SO GOOD to see you Mz. Syd... just NEVER enough time to hang out though!!!


Lori S-C said...

It was great to take your class! Loved spending the time with you!