Monday, November 12, 2007

OK.... NOW Oaxaca

Take my advise. Never do what I did at this age. I did back to back to back events......I was lucky enough to not run into any major snags.....but I repeat I was so lucky.

Oaxaca is my favorite place in Mexico. It has wonderful people that make you feel welcome, inspiring art and food that makes you anxious to be hungry enough to eat again as soon as possible.....the cheese add to this all a Michael de Meng cigar box shrine workshop, great shopping and a Colleen tour of local markets, ancient sites and festivals. Mix in a Lila Downs concert and Day of the Dead and you can see why it was a have-to-do-it thing. The added cherry to the top was the students. They were an amazing group of smart, adventurous ( but not tooo adventurous) like minded artists that I hope I will get to spend time with again. We all had such a good time with lots of laughing and sharing of stories.
This is Michael at the shooting game outside the cemetery. Worth the trip to just see these dancing diaramas.





This is Colleen's "shrine". She was so busy waiting on us all she did not get to far on her shrine. It reminds me of the "Littlest Angel's" box from under her bed....


MISC. This was a tricker treater ...Fidel Castro. They say "Halloween" or "pesos" rather than "trick or treat" here.


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

That trip looks FABULOUS... I SO want to do a Day of the Dead visit to Mexico sometime.


art spirit said...

Love the photos! Looks so magical!
I NEED to go to Oaxaca!