Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Queen of Arts

......and this is my last big hurdle in the "race".....

All 24 of the artists did a great job. Esther the director at the Elverhoj Museum where we have this event now, took on more of the resposibility so it was pretty easy on me for a change. I have not got the final numbers yet but Friday night and Saturday was good for everyone. I like getting to see everyone again and see and hear what they have been up to. The event brings by old friends and some family came too. Thanks everyone for the support.

Here is a write up from Carol that tells what the Queen of Arts is for those who don't know:
Queen of Arts is an Art Show and
Sale syd started so her and her friends could sell all the stuff they
make. The show has been going on for the past 9 years and started at
Syd's house in Ballard, which by the way, was worth stopping by at
just to see all her cool collections of stuff besides all the art and
crafts for sale. After the first year she made it into a benefit for
Domestic Violence Women's Shelter in Lompoc, and patrons are asked to
bring something to donate to the Shelter such as socks, underwear,
toiletries, and general stuff a woman and her kids might need if they
had to leave home for awhile. Most of the participating artists'
donated a portion of their proceeds to the Shelter as well. The show
has grown and grown until last year the Elverhoy Museum of Solvang
took it over and the sales were the better the first Friday night
then they had been any of the past years. This year we expect even
more with new artists showing their wares. If you are looking for
unusual stuff for holiday gifts at a good range of prices, it is
worth a trip to the Santa Ynez Valley.

Thanks Carol you summed it up so nicely!


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

The show looks like it was LOTS of FUN... and I LOVED the pic Mary post on the blog of you and your new shirt from Mexico... FABULOUS.. you look radiant!


Zemlet said...

Is that a painting Jill did of the cocktail she is standing in front of? Did it sell? If not, tell me how much it is, I like it!