Thursday, November 30, 2006

more of the party

This is more of the birthday party for Colleen, Cindy, Maren and Patti at Patti's ready-for-a-magazine-spread home in Carpinteria. Mary covered it pretty well on her blog.
This is the bird that Maren carved for Patti. It is so perfect for her "beach" house. And Maren just taught herself to carve! You would never know. She also carved an amazing horse that I didn't get a picture of.

Here is the table before we all started ravaging it all. We had homemade delicious candy and a felt ornament from Maren, bag full of goodie from Cindy including a finger flinger ( you try to guess what that is), a Viet Namese beaded bracelet from Colleen (from her recent trip there) and a glittery ornament from our missing Penny.

Here is Colleen diving into one of her gifts. She has on the birthday crown that we all contributed to and Cindy assembled.

In case you missed Mary's shot of us in our 3-D glasses. Here we are.
This is Cindy in her 50's outfit.

After our delicious gourmet mac and cheese and Waldorf salad Patti had prepared and gifts, it was time for the cupcakes Colleen made.

I could not even wait for the lighting and singing...

This one is for Barbara and Penny who were missing...especially Penny who may have a broken leg......I am hoping this is not so. But at this time I have no details.

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teesha said...

OH!!! HOw I wish I could be down there in your neck of the woods at the party!'s a group of some of my most favorite people! Thanks for sharing! what I want a party next month when I turn 44!