Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally I am done with paperwork

...and I can look at my treasures from Queen of Arts. This is a wonderful wool bedrunner/shawl and pillows from Fran.

This is Mary's sweet winged heart pin.

This is Cindy K's fantastic glittered ornament and resin pins. She has made these pins for several show now. They are always a great hit. A few years ago she added the paper mache pieces. They too are always popular.

This is Mary's funky toadstool. this one was different than the others. She knew it would be the one I would pick. One of Cindy's glittery trees sits next to it.

This is a zip bag made from antique kimonos by Geoganne Alex. I love these vinyl covered pieces of art. She also make some beautiful bags that are made of woven kimono pieces.

This is one of Jackie's "canyon canaries" She is an amazing artist. Earl always wanted one of her amazing hand made miniature chuck wagons.

Of course there are a few more items but they might be view here and wreak a surprise....

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