Wednesday, August 23, 2006

OK here is another new look

.... I am not to sure about this pink, It is pretty "Barbie"...

I am way behind in my blogging but I had such a fun weekend with my classmates from '66 that I am just catching back up. Santa Paula, CA was a great place to grow up and the whole class has a blast when we get together. I feel like I just finished a great meal....happy and content. After the reunion dinner/dance, some of the girls had a slumber party and caught up on what has happened in our lives...Billie, Paula, Linda and I ...along with Cheryl that fell asleep...I think we will always have a special bond. The fact that I have known these women, some since we were 5 years old, makes me believe that our lives are connected forever.
And those crazy guys in our class are really the sweetest men there are...but they try to hide it. Here is a warning to any women classmates...Don't look at Gerry's tattoo!

I sarted back to Hancock last week. Susan and I are taking painting...again. It is really the best way for me to get any paintings done. I will try to post the latest.

My work got accepted in the Ventura Bookarts show. The reception is Sat. night. I think Jill will come with me.

Today some of the CALL girls got together at Susan's for banner making. Susan had taken Pam's class at FiberFest and was anxious to show us how to make them. I am excited because I "fired up" my Pfaff sewing machine that I bought many years ago for $10. Have not figured out how to do the zig zag yet...And I used my Jamone that I did not get in time to take to FiberFest. It is an amazing little machine. I love it! I saw Somerset had them for sell in the latest issue.

When I got home Teesha's zine Art & Life was in the mail. I love the Photoshop article and all Teesha's fun art. Someday I might color in some of the fun pages....That gives me an idea! I should make some pages to be colored in! I'll think that over for awhile.....I am rambling like a crazy person now....I better hit the hay!

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