Sunday, August 13, 2006

It is Sunday night

Earl is coming home tomorrow from his week working in Corona, CA and Jill just got back from her 3 day trip to Monterey. I had all these big plans for my time here by myself. But of course I planned way too much. But I did get some projects out of the way. I have my tin reveal nearly finished for the CALL girl's birthday party on Wed. I can't post the birthday gifts I worked on because it wouldn't be a surprise if Pepa or Susan checked my I'll post them later...

We had a great ACT gathering at Jill L. fantastic home in Santa Barbara. It was fun to have a place big enough to put all the ATC out at the same time. We are back to the Good Cup next month.

Other stuff I worked on: mailed off ATCs to Tracie for the swap and 5 more to the show in Ohio.

I got notices posted and mailed out about the altered book class Carol and I are teaching.

I got back the post cards for the Queen of Arts Show to distribute. I finished some bags for Billie at Imagine to look at....But mainly I seem to have been on the computer these last few days. These days I think I spend as much time getting photos worked in Photoshop or write blurbs for one thing or the other or just catching up on other people's blogs and Flickr sites...which is also necessary for an I do actually doing some art....and I got to some garage sales on Sat. My favorite things I got was 4 bowling pins for $1. , some old tobacco tins, a neat little ceramic boat, a dusty but good paper cutter and an old leather bag. It will be great to throw paint supplies into.

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Billie Harsch said...

Hey Syd,

I visited your blog site today. It was really fun to see all the things you are involved with.

Talk to you soon.

Billie Harsch