Monday, May 15, 2006

Where did that month go...

..ah yes I know... we moved half of what we own all around. Jill has moved into the green we call it...which means relocating the computer and also making room in the studio for her. She has as many art supplies as I do ...almost. In the middle of packing everything up...hers and mine... I had to get ready for another round at Dinosaur Caves Art in the Park

and celebrate Susan's birthday with a fun trip to Farmer's Market in LA. Last time I was there was when we took LE to the Ice Capades in I think 1973. We got to see Susan's brand new granddaughter, Paige.

She is so sweet.

We finished off the day with an explosion of food at the Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks.

Last week I had a fun play day at Penny's amazing house before our ATC get together. I love those ATC's! Sat. Jill and I met up with my buddy from Opie and Linda's Pto. Vallarta class and headed for the LA Zoo for a sketch crawl. My first. So many talented artists. Such a fun day.

We stopped off at the Black Angus in Topanga for steaks on the way back.

Mother's day we did one of my favorite in the garden. Earl was my "mule" for the day and did my "bidding". Which means we pulled weeds and found our box turtle, Skipper Dee, survived the winter again and cleaned up his domain.

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