Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dobbys from the students

I was so blown away with what came out of my first ArtFest class. I could not have asked for a better experience.


Plain Jane said...

Syd! Did we meet in Michael de Meng's class in Art Fest 2005??? He announced the pozos workshop and you were very interested. now I read you went. AND, I met your daughter Jill at the sketchcrawl march in LA!! she mentioned art fest and how her mom was teaching, and I got you mixed up with sas colby, but now I realize you're you. who sat next to me in michaels altoid shrine class. let me know!!
Jane LaFazio
SMALL WORLD. LOVE YOUR BLOG and what you're up to!!

Kimi said...

Hi Syd,

We met at the Day of the Dead workshop with Opie and Lynda. I love your website. I think I might be meeting your daughter sometime soon at a SCdrawing room sketch get together. Say hi to Colleen.


pam said...

Hi Syd! love what your students made as well and love all your new postings and pictures. keep em coming! xo

katie said...

hey syd!
i found out you had a blog through teesha's new blog...word travels like wildfire on the blogshere :-)
very cOOl creations your class made - i'm happy to hear it was rewarding experience for you.

tararossstudios said...

Hey,,, there is mine,,, the blue one! That was such a great class.

Whenever you come to Seattle again, lets make Dobbies, I have lots of kits!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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