Thursday, April 13, 2006

ArtFest 2006

I am back from ArtFest and it was a really great time. LE, Colleen and I did the road trip thing, making it to Yreka the first night. Had a fantastic breakfast in Ashland, ORE. at the Morninglory. Some great truck stop lunches and made it to LE's Seattle house not long after dark.

The next day we saw some of Seattle and Ballard. A "life time dream" was fulfilled by going to Archie MacFee's! Around the corner from LE's is Maxine's, a really amazing shop and the other direction is Snappy Dragon....reported as the best Chinese food in Seattle. I have no reason to dispute that. We ate there twice on this visit.

The next day off to Port Townsend as LE worked on her amazing trades in the car on the way. We took the Edmonds ferry but tried to follow the other ferry direction...I don't advise it. But we did manage a quick stop in Poulsbo. We met up with our other house mates, Carol, Susan and Mary, at dinner. We loved our house soon as we got over lugging everything upstairs.

Carol, LE and I had Keith LoBue's class Thurs. and we all learned a lot...including Keith is adorable in a kilt. Carol and I had Lynne Perella Fri. and even though I was worried things would never dry in time...they did and it was a great class. I wish I could stay in touch with every student in there. They were all so amazing.

Vendor night went really well with great sales and great contacts that made us all very happy. LE was a great help. I love her so much. So glad she was able to come.

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