Friday, June 20, 2014

Busy June

Well it is summer.  The solstice is tomorrow...hard to believe.   A lot of this month was, of course, about Madison. Talent show, graduation from kindergarden, end of school parties, art camp ceramics in SB and beach days.  Now it is time to start summer reading and swim lessons....but I did manage to get some art in.  I am so Jones-ing to paint!!  I took an online painting class from Diane Culhane that "made" me get the paints out.  I did 2 pieces I like.

..this is before I tweaked it a bit more....

I am also knee deep in getting work done for the July 4th show in Santa Barbara.

I was also able to get some visits in with art buddies.  I saw Pam Garrison for a whirl wind visit on her way back from moving her daughter home from San Luis Obispo for the summer.  We met at a thrift store so we could talk and pick at the same time....So short but any visit with Pam is too short.

Then I went up the mountain to Mary Stanley's to have a get together with the Moss sisters.  That all went way too fast but Mary made an amazing lunch and taught Carol to hook while Mary Ann and I played and did some catching up.   So fun to be at Mary's folk art filled house with all her fun projects she is working on.  We got a  peek at her class samples for the French General Chateau class in the South of France that she and Colleen were about to leave for.  I can hardly wait to hear all about it.  They got a visit in with Gio, a friend we met in France last fall.

We met at Penny's for some lunch and catching up....always fun and inspiring to be at Penny's Play House.  Colleen made delish enchiladas!

I got a couple walks on the beaches in this month...I saw Jaws...

 and working at the Art Hus.  I meet such nice people there.

This is Cindy Knights fun art that we have at the Art Hus here in Solvang.


Jone Hallmark said...

Your painting is beyond the beyond. Your colors appeal to me more than almost any others I have seen...cannot wait to get out to see you with Miss Dreamer......soon, I hope.
Keep painting, Syd!!! xo

Pam said...

Aw, love you Syd! What a sweet thing to say and I feel the same way about you...never enough time! Love your painting, want to see more!xoxo