Saturday, July 06, 2013

Me Me Me

I think I am healing pretty well.  I had gallbladder and uterus removed but not sure what else...I finally got a call from a doctor...not mine... that told me that my lymph nodes were that was good to hear.  I wanted to post all the info...but I don't know anything else that is for sure at this time.   I see the 3 dr this week so I should have more info after that.
This is the mural Jill did when she was at Hancock in '94.
OK on a lighter note....LE came Wed. and it was so good to see her and all be together.  LE, Jill and I got away Fri. and went to Lompoc to Michael's and had lunch.  That was really a nice first outing.  So Earl, LE and I went to Lone Ranger  that evening.  I rested all today.  Maybe some studio time tomorrow.

This was the most fun on July 4th Mary Ann Moss launched her new online class SEWN.  It is really awesome!!! Spent most of the 4th painting patterns for up coming much fun!!!

This is the cutest little angel that Judy Nilsen sent me ...I love it.   I have other healing artwork I will post later...I am so lucky to have so many thoughtful friends.....

So Fri. I saw Alexis from RHWOC and her family in Los Olivos....anyone out there watch that reality show but I am not proud of it.

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