Saturday, June 15, 2013

OK back to me.....

It has been a roller coaster month. One of the highs was a fun filled day with Pam Garrison, Mary Ann Moss and Mary Stanley in Santa Barbara doing fun art and some show and tell. The time went way too fast but it was so great to get to know MAM. She is so cool and brimming with wit and great ideas and insight. We got to see some samples from her upcoming online class...SEWN ,,,really cool! I can hardly wait until it starts. (btw...sign up starts today)
...on the down side, I found out Monday I need a hysterectomy. I am scheduled for June 24...and while they have me on the table, I am getting my troublesome gallbladder out too....just need to add a few more "ports" that means holes. Hope I can do some art while recouping...I am so full of ideas right now...

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Marsha said...

Hey Syd,
Just want to wish you the best on the 24th. Take care during recovery and know there is lots of good work, fun with friends and wonderful road trips on the flip side of this bump in the road. Will be thinking of you.