Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jill!

We had a fun day. Took Maddie to the park then looked at some new baby stores in town. Really cute both of them. June Bug has local artists and Marmalade Sky has fun lines of clothes I had never seen before. Then to lunch. The sushi place was not open so we went to the Belgian Cafe...always good. Maddie almost fell asleep before we got there so anticipating some crabiness...Jill set up the nano thing with the 3 little pigs on it.....It's a new world....
I babysat later so Jill and Joe could go to dinner. They went to Root 246 and had a really good time. Maddie and I watch Tinker Bell after which I got her to put on the Tink cute! Jill got to meet the chef and they signed the menu. She took pictures of everything and was even impressed by the water and pat of butter!
I had a sale at ArtBrut and I am working on some new stuff. These are the piece I did in Jesse Reno's class that I am revamping to see if John will like it at the gallery.

Other than that we are busy getting Earl ready for his road trip to the east coast and getting the house tented ....That is going to be a real pain.... Then I am going to St. Louis, MO to a Mary Engelbriet art workshop. This is such a treat for me. I have been an admirer of her work and ideas for so long. I will get to see my buddy Charlotte too! I just wish we had more time to see the area while we are there...Oh well...
Tomorrow I am going with Mary and Colleen to Pasadena. We are visiting a fun shop, Zinnia and some side trips. Fun, fun, fun!

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Teddi said...

i love this artwork! it's so colorful & fun. it looks like it could be in a children's book.