Sunday, April 04, 2010


So fun to have someone finding Easter eggs again.....She had such a fun time.
Joe found a way to speed things up....

I went to the Art from Scrap Art of Play show yesterday. I thought it was really a fun show. I sold 2 pieces. This is one of Penny's...She did several great pieces.

This is one of Judy's...very cool.

I also got a new phone. The Palm Pre...I love it! I got it for the tax cost only. My contract was up and it just worked out great.

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Tara Ross Studios said...

I am going to get a new phone too, soon, I looked at these and the Droids. It will be so fun to facebook, twitter on them. I also just bought a Zune,,,love it, it's wifi based so I have the internet on it. The only problem is I am finding that there aren't a lot of hotspots I can get on now that are not secured. But its cool anyway.
Cameras, phones,,,,,,what next!