Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fun day....

Some art girls went to Penny's to play today. Fun to catch up with everyone. We did a little project...a hand sewn (except for Penny) house pin cushion

and had a great lunch with Penny's potato salad, green salad, fried chicken and carrot cake. We got to see some of Wayne's and Penny's recent work and we did a little goofing around...I know hard to believe
....we admired Penny's amazing house and recent yard work
and just had a relaxing day. Some could not come and some had to leave early but it was still a fun day. Thank you Penny!!!

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Suzanne said...

I love garden art -- her garden looks so fun. I saw your art in Art & Life, that I just purchased at Portland Art & Soul from Teesha. I'm glad to be introduced to another wonderful artist!