Friday, June 12, 2009

A quick post

My big news is I am teaching at ArtFest next year!!! ...Trees of Mystery. I will post pics later.
Here is an Earl update. You see him here in the shirt he and LE did for the Roswell trip end of the month. I think we have finally started on the road to normal he is feeling stronger now and will be able to return to work in July as planned we think.

This is part of the co-lab Tara and I have been working on...did I already post this? If so it is good to visit it again. I have more pic to post but will probably get busy on that when I get back from FiberFest and the July 4t show is over....As for AFF...Mary and I are doing our road trip again. This time we are only going as far as Portland. We are both teaching, vending and I am taking classes too. I am hoping LE can make it down for a visit. I am teaching a custom apron class...basically make an apron to suit your personal needs from a pair of Levis...and paint it. I am looking forward to teaching this class. Teesha said I have some awesome students!

...and of course a pic of Maddie with Grandpa...

I liked this email funny:

I feel like my body has gotten totally out of shape,
So I got my doctor's permission to
Join a fitness club and start exercising.
I decided to take an aerobics class for seniors.
I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour But, by the time I got my leotards on, The class was over.


helen said...

as always, Syd, your images are wonderful and your posts entertaining! thanks - and Earl looks great!


Tara Ross Studios said...

No, you didn't post our collab earlier. It's fun to see it on your site!

If LE is going down for a day, maybe I can ride with her?

susan said...

hoorah, for next yr's artfest! let the yahoo group begin!

Anonymous said...

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