Sunday, June 21, 2009

One more hug...

before I take off for FiberFest....Please don't forget me Madison while I am gone.

I went to a class get together in Santa Paula Saturday, the Gerry Griffin Memorial kegger, with childhood buddy Billie Jean. We had such a good time! It feels more like a family reunion than a class reunion thing. Thanks again Birkys for opening up your great home for us all. I did not take too many pics. I did not think of it until it was almost dark. For any of my classmates: I think my biggest surprise was to see Ronnie Everett there..aka Bamboo...Anyway I always leave those events feeling lucky I had such a great chilhood and...that I survived it!

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susanbuchanan2 said...

what a wonderful thing to say about a childhood and that all the world's children could have one, too is my wish.