Thursday, May 07, 2009

Our little get away...

Jill, Earl, baby and I went to Los Gatos Sunday so Jill and I could take a 2 day journal making class. Earl came to baby sit..Madison came for our entertainment. It was a great class with DJ Pettit. Cindy O'Leary was the organizer of this premier Art Journey class. Jill and I talked all way home about what a great event it was. It was a great group of artists. A few I knew from ArtFest. Los Gatos is such a cute town. There were 5 baby shops in 2 blocks. We went to a great shop called Vintage on Santa Cruz. Lots of good restaurants and cute houses to look at. Baby was not crazy about being in her car seat for 4 hours...but we made it.
This is the journal in the works with the work of my tablemates.
Here is the finished journal...well almost finished.

We came home to another awful fire in Santa Barbara. Jill's work lost power and she came home early. Earl and Jill have workmates that are in areas that are in danger. Tomorrow they will tell which houses were lost.

Also here is the journal from ArtFest.
This was Carla Sonheim's Junk mail journal class.


Tara Ross Studios said...

I used to live in Los Gatos,,, lovely town.

Loved seeing your journal art.

Started the collab today! Yeah! Finally!

temp jobs said...

where Los Gatos is exactly located?

Syd said...

Los Gatos is in California near San Jose.