Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another good day....

Earl continues to do well. He had a sandwich at the Longhorn and walked around the block a couple times and even mowed the little spirts and rests. Here is a pic of him with his new comforter from Frank, Sue and Paula. It has been quite handy since our heater only works from time to time. Thanks again Frank, Sue and Paula.

Here are LE and Madison doing a little work before LE left. Madison grabbed LE's coffee cup seconds later...just to show how helpful she can be...


Anonymous said...

Earl & Syd,

It was so nice to see you guys the other day, and Earl really amazed Paula, Sue and me! We are all glad you liked the "CARS" goodies we all got you. We were trying to think of SOFT things that you could play with.

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!


Sue said...

It really was great to see you both! I am so happy it all worked out so well. Can't wait to see you again!

We'll see you at the racetrack?! ;o)